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Wound Care Service at Home

There are various types of wounds that require daily nursing visits including; pressure injury, debridement, diabetic foot ulcers, post surgical debridement, post plastic surgery dressing, c-section, pilonidal sinus infection, post surgical infection, VAC dressing, amputation, burns, colostomy, ileostomy.
Wounds can be changed once or twice daily depending on the requirement. Maintaining an environment conducive to wound healing is the goal. Exposing the wound more than required can interrupt the therapeutic environment such as temperature, moisture. Therefore it is imperative that the wound care plans are established and amended to the response of the wound healing process. Working in close collaboration with the Surgeon, and or Hospital doctor, Enayati Home Nursing wound care team is flexible to adapt the international best practices best suited for the wound and its location.
Other factors that also play a role in wound healing are included, Nutrition, Hydration, Blood Sugars, Circulation and Blood supply, Sensory Loss, Age and offloading the pressure to the area, temperature, moisture and protection of wound from other surrounding infections in the environment. These risk factors are segregated as Extrinsic, and Intrinsic Factors. The nurses will provide the necessary consultation to identify those risk factors and develop a plan of care with you.
Enayati Home Nursing participates and attends the IIWCC International Inter professional Wound Care Group, a scientific body that publishes standards for optimum wound care. Our commitment to ensure that the Enayati Home Nursing practices implement the latest scientific proven evidence.
Enayati Home Nursing patient safety goal is to prevent pressure ulcers and minimize infection and follow strict standards and guidelines in wound care management. Following best practices and standards will minimize those risks. Ask your home nursing team if their facility is Internationally Accredited. Standards ensure that their staff and training protocols have been audited to meet the requirements. Patient Safety begins with following Standards. Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes

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Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes

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