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“Thank you for your prompt action resolving the rescheduling of the home care services which Enayati has been providing me with. Your interest and immediate attention is highly appreciated. Your action is a clear indication and reflection of your dedication and Enayati’s mission to provide a first class care services in Dubai. I wish Enayati continuous success and prosperity.”

Dubai Marina, September 2019

“My father says you helped encouraged the doctors to let my mother come home. Thanks for all your help. Bless you and Nurse JL for supporting us through the most trying times of our lives.”

JBR, December 2018

“Our heartfelt gratitude to Nurse Supervisor LD, Nurse AD and SG for the excellent care and personal attention given to our mother Dr. RB. Thank You!” “Make the patient to do more exercise and keep motivating them..”

Sharjah, November 2018

“My family and I would like to thank you and your team for the effort you have put to help my mother and support her in any way. May God bless you.”

Al Barsha, July 2018

“I’d like to thank Enayati very much, especially to Nurse RP and SC for your fantastic job and support for my father. Absolutely great! Your support enabled my father to experience this dreamlike journey. Nurse RP was so friendly and professional, also Nurse SC. We had full confidence in your service. We all wish you and your company continued success.”

Al Warqa, January 2018

“You are an outstanding service and I have recommended you to several others. Each nurse was well trained and the supervisors are professional and thorough. Absolutely an outstanding group of people, caretakers, and attitude. Thank you for putting care back in healthcare.”

Jumaira, December 2017

“Service has been fantastic. Enayati have been more than just a nurse care provider for my father, they have treated him like family and I am extremely thankful for it.”

Sharjah, March 2017

“I am very pleased with all your nurses & physios who have visited my home. Your staff are a delight to be with, both professional & friendly. Thank you for all the help you have given us.”

Umm Suqeim, December 2016

“As a family we are very happy with the support and care that the nurses have given us. You are a professional organization who knows what they are doing; please keep your high standards and commitment. It’s hard to come by.”

Al Barsha, September 2016

“The nurse was very patient and caring which led to building a trusting relationship with my father. Nurse YYY ensured that the patient’s needs were taken care of and if ever needed. I would be happy to employ Enayati again”

JBR, March 2016

“my father is on too many medications. I was afraid that I would make a mistake after going home from the hospital. Because my father is seeing 3 doctors in Dubai at different hospitals they are all ordering the medication and nobody is looking at what the other is ordering. I asked Enayati to help me at home for 1 week and they quickly came to meet me and my father in the hospital and started to work with the doctors and the pharmacist before we got home. They made a schedule and organize the files and after 1 week I feel more confident”

Dubai Marina, October 2015

“at first I thought you were expensive, but later when my brother fell ill at night I saw the whole team come in within minutes to help the nurse and telephone the doctors to change the medication. When I saw the doctor trusting the nursing team and making the changes I then realized you saved me time, and you saved me money by not going to the hospital that night”

Mamzar, Dubai – 2015

“my blood sugars became very high fast because my doctor started me on another medication to treat my arthritis. My doctor ordered insulin injection for the week but my knee was too sore to allow me to go to the clinic that day and I called for a female nurse at 930pm. Enayati came to my home in 30 minutes, a female supervisor and a male nurse. After testing my blood sugars, the male nurse gave me my insulin. I was told that the male nurse was the only licensed staff available nearby and the female supervisor drove him to my home in such short notice to administer the insulin on-time. The supervisor recognized that this was a serious request that needed urgent attention. I recommend Enayati for following the rules and being very professional..”

Al Warqa, Dubai – 2015

“When our sister fell ill we were lost and we didn’t know what to do because our family business needed our attention as well. I needed more than a nurse, I needed a team to manage everything for my sister. I knew I made the right choice when I saw 2 supervisors stay overnight with the nurses to set up monitors and oxygen tanks as my sister became unwell again. I was able to sleep at night and focus about work and travel as needed. We are all now back to our normal routines. More people need to know about your service”

Palm Jumaira, Dubai – 2015

“a really professional service and I will recommend you to all our business club members”

Satwa, Dubai – 2015

“when I needed a nurse on a Friday night, Enayati dispatched a trained nurse within 2 hours. I didn’t have to worry about my father falling at night in his private room in the hospital. During the day I stay with my father and at night Enayati is on duty. When we go home I will take Enayati to help my father recover for a few weeks”

Hamriya, Sharjah

“your nurse was able to explain to me the reasons for patient falling and why my fathers medication needs to be monitored and change the timings. This is evidence of good training”

University City, Sharjah

“your nursing team are excellent, each one is unique. You are a professional company because you took the time at the beginning to manage your team nurses and give the necessary time to orientate and doubling up. You were able to cover our 24 hour needs without us having to worry which nurse will be covering the shift, because all of them knew the care plan and the routine”

University City, Sharjah

“The nurses understood Mr. (Hidden) health condition and took the utmost care of his well-being…. We look forward to work with you on our future special request and we will be expecting the same level of service”

Royal Arabian Tours, 2014

“Enayati takes very good care for every little details of the patient from bathing to wound management”

Nad Al Hammar, Dubai – 2015

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