Technology meets Homecare in Dubai

Etisalat, the UAE’s leading Telecommunication Company and Enayati; signed a memorandum of understanding today for the pilot launch of an innovative patient home monitoring system. The system, developed and manufactured by British health Technology Company – Equivital, includes body worn sensors which measure multiple physiological parameters in real time.

The development of wearable and mobile healthcare technologies is reducing the burden of healthcare cost and frequent, inconvenient visits to the clinic, thereby enriching people’s quality of life. Etisalat’s nationwide 3G, 4G mobile and fibre-optic broadband networks are opening doors to many such innovative solutions in the field of e-health and mobile health, helping healthcare systems in the UAE evolve.

During the pilot, Enayati will be able to efficiently manage high volumes of variable, real time and retrospective data for its patients while they are in the comfort of their homes. We have positioned ourselves as a leader in homecare, with a focus on Patient Safety. Using the Equivital platform, including the body worn LifeMonitor sensor, Enayati’s nurses will be able to monitor changes in patient condition and alert Enayati’s clinical team and the most responsible physician instantly, therefore allowing for any adjustments in the care plan to occur with no delays. The new system will also provide family members with a dedicated portal to monitor the health status of their loved ones while they are away.

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