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Speech Therapy Home Service


Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes

Speech Therapy at Home in Dubai

Speech and language therapy is vital for improving the comprehension and expression which paves way for a barrier free communication across all age groups.

Fluency Disorders:

Fluency disorders such as stammering/stuttering in children (toddlers) and adults.

Articulation Disorders:

Phonological Disorders and Misarticulated/mispronounced speech sounds.

Voice Disorders:

To treat children/adults/ geriatrics facing any voice issues due to vocal abuse/misuse.

Assessing and managing Language Disorders such as;

  • Language delay in children who have developmental delay, cerebral palsy etc.
  • Post stroke language, swallowing disorders
  • Other degenerative and neurological conditions.

Speech – Language Pathologist services at the comfort of your home

Speech–language pathologists (SLPs) provide a wide range of services for individual with communication challenges. They also provide support for individuals, families and support groups.

Assessment of the speech and language disorder at the comfort of your home and discuss the goals and develop a cost effective individualized plan. The progress is charted using standardized tools. Applying various techniques which help in improving the comprehension and expression of an individual.


What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy is part of a rehabilitation program that encompasses the diagnosis and management of various communications disorders in children and adults. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), who are often referred to as speech therapists.

What do Speech Therapist do?

A Speech Therapist is an allied professional who uses various evidence based techniques to improve communication abilities in children and adults. The management of communication disorders includes language, articulation, voice and fluency therapy. This is required for an individual with language and speech disorders that develop in childhood or acquired communication impairments in adults due to an injury or illness, such as stroke.

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    Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes