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Stroke Recovery “CVA”

Enayati provides all the basic nursing care and healthcare support needed during the patient’s recovery period which begins as soon as the patient returns home. Our patient’s needs will be medically assessed by appropriately trained clinicians, using standardized and valid screening tools, and an individualized care plan will be created accordingly.

The care plan for stroke therapy is geared towards achieving the following goals:

  •  Preventing complications
  •  Minimizing impairments and injuries
  •  Preventing stroke recurrences
  •  Maximizing function and mobility
  •  Promoting patient’s independence and coping
  •  Improving nutrition
  •  Providing education for the patient, the family and the caregiver
Our staff will assist the patients in:
  •  Activities of daily living (Hygiene, bathing and oral care)
  •  Medication administration
  •  Monitoring basic physiological parameters such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature, Blood Sugars
  •  Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  •  Diet modifications
  •  Feeding (Nasogastric and Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy “PEG” tube feedings)
  •  Elimination (urine and bowel)
  •  Tracheostomy care
  •  Range of motion exercises
  •  Ambulation (walking and transferring from bed to wheel chair, etc.)
  •  Referral with doctors and other healthcare specialists
  •  Providing physical, emotional and mental support
  •  Medical check-ups and other appointments

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