Using the same technologies used to train airline pilots, simulation training provides a safe and effective platform to develop nursing skills. Enayati Home Healthcare announces the arrival of JUNO, Fidelity Nursing Training Technology by CAE, Montreal Canada.CAE Technologies have deployed simulation training devices to Emirates Airlines to provide real life training and competency skills assessment.

Our nurses are employed from various cities around the world with different nursing educational backgrounds, using different equipment, or lack of equipment. “As an example, NG is dominant over PEG feeding (a form of enteral feeding) in the Philippine due to the scarcity of technologies available for PEG insertion as well as the high cost of procedure. The nurses arrive in the UAE with very little exposure to PEG feeding. Using Patient Simulation training, we are able to apply the nurses knowledge of Enteral Feeding to NG as well as PEG and use the various technologies available here in the UAE.

Minimizing the variations in practice begins with implementation of an effective training program using guidelines developed by researchers and scientists and creating a learning space to practice those guidelines.
“We are delighted to be the first home to JUNO in the UAE. Enayati is committed to ensure the development of its staff and the ongoing competency skill upgrades needed to keep up with best practice standards.”

The home healthcare nurse has since transformed its role to deliver a wide scope of practice skills than in any other clinical setting. The home health nurses are developed to be responsive and to trouble shoot those issues that would otherwise require a trip to the Emergency Department. In the home environment, there are many scenarios that can play out as the variables related to the surroundings are constantly changing.

Patients are at home with various technologies such as Oxygen therapy, Mechanical Ventilators, Feeding Pumps, IV Infusion Therapy. Patient Simulation Mannikins such as JUNO provides an environment for nurses to practice various troubleshooting scenarios such as power supply interruption, blocked tubing, malfunction equipment, changes in vital sign parameters.

Enayati Home Nursing are committed to delivering safe patient care. Enayati nurses are ranked as one of the top nursing teams in the country through the adoption of Canadian Best Practice Guidelines.

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