Dubai Expats are often separated thousands of kilometers from their aging parents and other family members. Stepping up to become a carer to distant parents with Dementia is a struggle as it involves a complete re-engineering of family roles and responsibilities and living arrangements.

“My father has dementia and I wish for him to come and live with me in Dubai”. An emotional and guilt-ridden decision that has significant consequences.

Relocating an elderly WITH dementia is hazardous as their cognitive impairment will not withstand changes to environments easily. The rate of cognitive decline can vary with the stage of Dementia.
Dementia is a slow progressive illness that can deteriorate rapidly when their comfort environment is altered in any form. Their environment may be “their room, their favorite chair, their favorite clothes, their familiar sounds, and familiar faces”. Dementia does not like new things very well.

“At home, my fathers highlight of the day is sitting by the large green window and greeting the postman.”

Its not about how much money you have to finance the relocation to Dubai. Its not about society/family pressure, being perceived as neglecting your parents in the home country (siblings place an enormous amount of guilt). The focus is about how to maintain the best quality of life for your parents during their remaining cognitive limited condition.

Families must explore methods to maintain and or recreate a similar environment that “the Elder calls home” Home is where THEY prefer to live. Try not to choose an environment that is convenient for you, choose the environment that they are familiar and feel comfortable and safe.

If all other options fail and you were to relocate a person with Dementia to Dubai, you will need to put in constant nursing supervision. The risk for confusion is high, which will precipitate a fall, and or decline in nutrition, and or constipation, and will lead to a medical Elderly Emergency called Delirium. Delirium will present itself as sudden onset of confusion. Any SUDDEN changes to the cognitive and or mental function is an Emergency. Cognition does not change rapidly unless it has been altered by a threat of illness and or stress.

LEADERS IN HOME NURSING, Enayati Home Nursing are committed to delivering safe patient care. Enayati nurses are ranked as one of the top nursing teams in the country through the adoption of Canadian Best Practice Guidelines. The RNAO Best Practice Guidelines and caregiving strategies for elders with Dementia, Delirium, and Depression.

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