Be Cautious of Food and Medication Mixtures

Eating healthily and taking medications as prescribed are both very important. However, some medications shouldn’t be taken with certain foods; some mixtures make medication less effective, may cause physical discomfort, or may cause dangerous chemical interactions. In order to minimize the risk of food-medication interactions, seniors should discuss any possible interactions with the prescribing doctor […]


When callers begin the conversation “..my father has been in ICU for 3 weeks,..”; hundreds of images of patients flash before me. Having worked in an ICU, the dramatic changes in the elder’s physical health stemming from the critical care environment is far too familiar. To the general public an ICU is a smart environment, […]


Apparently there exists a belief that nurses can work 24 hours straight for 5 days and still be responsive to provide care? How is that physically possible? When have nurses become firefighters? Firefighters have a bed in the fire station and can close their eyes and sleep with no obligations until that SIREN goes off […]

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