Falling: Dangerous,but a preventable, threat:

From a flashlight to Tai Chi to homecare nurses, strategies that prevents from falling or reducing the aftermath of a fall. Falling is a dangerous — and very expensive — problem. Its direct medical costs are in the thousand Dirhams yearly. It’s well-known that the risk of falling and being hurt increases with age. About […]

6 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall (at home)!

Rather than being a secure nest for our seniors, homes are the number one place for elderly falls. Falls at home are the leading cause of death, injury and hospital admissions among the elderly population. Here we have identified 6 main reasons seniors fall at home so much more frequently than younger people: 1. Lack […]

Be Cautious of Food and Medication Mixtures

Eating healthily and taking medications as prescribed are both very important. However, some medications shouldn’t be taken with certain foods; some mixtures make medication less effective, may cause physical discomfort, or may cause dangerous chemical interactions. In order to minimize the risk of food-medication interactions, seniors should discuss any possible interactions with the prescribing doctor […]