Role of Speech Therapy to control Drooling

Drooling is the most common concern as a parent of a toddler or as a caregiver of an adult who has neurological condition. It is defined as, “saliva flowing outside of your mouth unintentionally” which is often a result of weak or underdeveloped muscles around the mouth. Drooling is not treated as a pathological condition […]

Home Health Care Service for Speech Therapy

A visit to the speech therapist sometimes can be an overwhelming experience for parents and children. The reason being a new environmental setting for the child. As a parent who wants their child to be compliant for the assessment a multitude instructions given to the child.  This continuous parent directives can make the child anxious […]

Technology meets Homecare in Dubai

Etisalat, the UAE’s leading Telecommunication Company and Enayati; signed a memorandum of understanding today for the pilot launch of an innovative patient home monitoring system. The system, developed and manufactured by British health Technology Company – Equivital, includes body worn sensors which measure multiple physiological parameters in real time. The development of wearable and mobile […]