Affordable Safe Care at Home

Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes



Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes


Enayati Home Health Care has raised the bar of home healthcare in Dubai and in the UAE through implementation of more than 302 International Standards, becoming the first Accredited Home Healthcare Service in Dubai and in the UAE.  Designed and created by Canadian nurses who have worked and cared for families in UAE over the past 25 years, committed to a long term strategy.

With more than 2000 client managed care plans, Enayati continues to develop programs that manages chronic complex care issues facing our growing elder population.

The training program for our staff is unique, using patient simulators from Canada, our team are certified on Airway Management, Enteral Feedings, Skin/Woundcare. Specialized teams in PICC line Infusion for Cancer Care as well as long term antibiotic therapy.

Alzheimers and Dementia training for our staff is mandatory in response to the rapid demand for the nursing service to manage the care at home.

Delivering care at home avoids the high costs associated with hospital admissions and prevents hospital acquired infections. The future of healthcare is at home.

Mariam Hasan
Managing Director


The future of healthcare is at home.


Enayati will be recognized as the preferred choice for home nursing in UAE and the region through adopting the best international practices and continuously reinventing ourselves to better serve our patients.


Enayati has placed a high focus on patient safety in delivering care at home. Patient Falls among the elderly and Medication Management are the highest risks associated at home.
A growing number of medically complex patients are receiving care in the community. Families at home are attempting to manage complex medication regimens with limited training or education, which may increase the risk of a medication error.

Patient Falls are an important safety issues for seniors. Injuries from falls are one of the most common adverse events in home care, and are often associated with hospital admission. Enayati uses the Falls Risk Assessment Tool which looks at multifactor associated with falls.


Enayati provides care coordination across healthcare sector from hospital to home. It is widely circulated, that on average, 26% of older adults discharged home from hospitals are re-admitted within 30 days. Evidence is clear on what is needed such as support by professionals during this period, dissemination of pertinent information regarding changes in diagnoses, treatment and care requirements.

  •  The need to make appointments for follow-up medical appointments and post-discharge tests/labs
  •  The need to arrange for post discharge medical equipment
  •  Identify the correct medicines and a plan for the patient to obtain them
  •  Reconcile the discharge plan and medication
  •  Teach a written discharge plan the patient can understand
  •  Educate the patient about his or her diagnosis
  •  Assess the degree of the patients understanding of the discharge plan
  •  Review with the patient what to do if a problem arises


Etisalat, the UAE’s leading Telecommunication Company and Enayati; signed a memorandum of understanding today for the pilot launch of an innovative patient home monitoring system. The system, developed and manufactured by British health Technology Company – Equivital, includes body worn sensors which measure multiple physiological parameters in real time. Read More…..


Pursuing Accreditation will enable Enayati to assess our services and peruse improvement efforts, develop standardized processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs and mitigate risk and support the uptake of best practices. Most importantly by adopting Accreditation Canada standards Enayati will build a culture of quality, safety, and excellence, identify leading and commendable practices and promote our commitment to offering safe, high-quality services.


Enayati will be using interRAI assessment tools. InterRAI is a collaborative network of researchers in over thirty countries committed to improving care for persons who are disabled or medically complex. It provides Enayati with measurement tools for complex care for vulnerable populations including the elderly and frail and highlights issues related to functioning and quality of life of the person receiving the care. InterRAI will assist our nursing team in planning and monitoring care and improve our ability to conduct research, collect and analyze date.


Enayati nurses are leaders in their field. The training platform is built upon the high Canadian nursing models and best practice guidelines. As part of our training schedule we have visiting lecturers from Canada in the area of Cardiovascular Care, Geriatrics Care, Chronic Care Illness. Trained to monitor and detect a deterioration in patient condition, emergency response can be averted at most times, however when necessary, our nurses are trained in emergency response and life support.

In addition, we developed our in-house training program; a comprehensive module that provides the nurses with the cultural background of the UAE to how to deliver care in a transitional program. Our courses have been developed by Dr. Clark; a renowned healthcare educator with over 30 years of experience. Below are highlights of our training program:

  1.  Implementing home health nursing competencies
  2.  Infection control
  3.  Best practice guidelines
  4.  Cerebral vascular accident (CVA)
  5.  Hypertension
  6.  Diabetes in UAE
  7.  Chronic disease management practice and care mapping
  8.  Palliative care
  9.  Transitional care
  10.  Communication
  11.  Designing patient education plans
  12.  Team skills
  13.  Professionalism

It is worth mentioning that team of nurses at Enayati have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and are licensed with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Better Standards, Better Care, Better Outcomes