6 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall (at home)!

Rather than being a secure nest for our seniors, homes are the number one place for elderly falls. Falls at home are the leading cause of death, injury and hospital admissions among the elderly population. Here we have identified 6 main reasons seniors fall at home so much more frequently than younger people:

1. Lack of physical activity: Failure to exercise regularly results in poor muscle tone, decreased bone mass, loss of balance, and reduced flexibility. Among all the reason, at Enayati home care we believe this is the most prominent but easily avoidable.

2. Impaired vision: Among the reasons, is a simple but usually overlooked cause related to age vision diseases, as well as not wearing glasses that are off the shelf and not particularly prescribed for them.

3. Medications: Sedatives, anti-depressants, and anti-psychotic drugs, plus taking multiple medications are all implicated in increasing risk of falling.

4. Diseases: Health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis cause weakness in the extremities, poor grip strength, balance disorders and cognitive impairment.

5. Surgeries: Hip replacements and other surgeries leave an elderly person weak, in pain and discomfort and less mobile than they were before the surgery.

6. Environmental hazards: One third of all falls in the elderly population involve hazards at home. Factors include: poor lighting, loose carpets and lack of safety equipment. When caring for elderly, we always make sure to keep their entire environment as secure as possible.

However, falls are not an inevitable part of growing older. Many falls can be prevented, by making the home safer and using products that help keep seniors more stable and less likely to fall, check our next blog to see how at Enayati home care we made fall prevention among elderly our mission and how we can prevent your beloved seniors from falling.

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